Barrens Travel Soccer Club

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Risk Management/Registration

PA Child Protection Laws and League policy requires background checks for coaches, assistant coaches, and applicable volunteers. These checks are required to be renewed every 5 years. Coaches and Assistants are also required to complete concussion and abuse prevention training annually. All requirements must be completed and approved by the league before a coach's card will be issued. Instructions for completing these requirements is listed below:

Items will be completed/loaded in your coach registration profile

1. Complete a coach/board member registration.

2. Upload a current photo of yourself. Pictures should be from the chest up, clear, no hats or sunglasses and forward facing, as this will be the picture on their player pass/card.

3. Complete the concussion training through Stacksports (approx 30 minutes).

4. Complete the abuse prevention training (approx. 1.5 hours) . Instructions are included in the registration confirmation email. U.S. Center for SAFESPORT information can be found here.

5. Load your state required clearances as one file to the Safety/Additional Certification section. This includes the 3 documents listed below.

State clearances are valid for 5 years and do not need to be repeated until they expire.

Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check

Click "New Record Check" Volunteers Only. Save a copy of the results for yourself

Child Abuse History Clearance

Creating an account and submitting your clearance application online will give you immediate access to your results or the status of your results if your results cannot be processed immediately. You will create an individual account if you don't already have one. Save a copy of the results for yourself

FBI/Federal Criminal Background Check

Complete A if you have lived in PA for the past 10 years. Complete B if you have not lived in PA for 10 years.

A. Signed disclaimer affirming no charges in other states that would prohibit selection as a volunteer. (Free)

Download the DHS disclosure statement template for adult volunteers who have lived in PA for the past 10 years.

Print, sign, and create an electronic copy by scanning or photographing it.

B. FBI Criminal Background Check (fingerprint check) for federal criminal history records

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services is utilizing IDEMIA to process fingerprint-based FBI criminal background checks. The fingerprint based background check is a multiple step process. For more information and to begin the registration process, go to The standard DHS code for volunteers is 1KG6ZJ