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Submitting a Game Change

Game changes must be submitted 5 days before the game date

Step 1

Select the game

  • Select the desired game from the league schedule  

  • Click on the Change Schedule button in the upper right hand corner.

Step 2

Log in

  • Select your name from the list of coaches, this will take you to the login page

  • Enter your username and password.

  • If you do not know your login info, click the green EmailPwd button. The login info will be emailed to the email address that's on file with CPYSL.

  • You will need to setup security questions if you are logging in for the first time

Step 3

Complete and submit the game change form

  • Fill out all the requested information and submit the form.

  • Next, the opposing team will need to approve the game change request. You will need to notify the opposing team that the game change request is ready for their approval.

  • Finally, the league will approve the game change request.

  • Rescheduled games will appear in yellow on the schedule

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