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Game Day Reminders


1. Pets, smoking, alcohol, and inappropriate language are NOT permitted at many playing fields.


2. Please help us keep the fields clean and safe by reminding the players to pick up after themselves.


3. Players should bring both home and away jerseys to each game. Jersey color conflicts may require players to change.


4. In the event of bad weather, unsafe playing conditions or field closure, your coach will notify you as soon as possible prior to a cancelled game or practice. Games will be rescheduled by the league.


5.Spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. Abusive or aggressive behavior towards players, coaches, or game officials shall not be tolerated. In the event of unacceptable behavior by a spectator:

a. A coach shall speak to the spectators reminding them of the League rules.


b. If the behavior persists, or if a spectator becomes disorderly, they will be required to leave the area and the representative team may receive a caution, or be ejected by the referee.


c. The game may be stopped by the referee until such time as the spectator is removed or under control. If the behavior continues, the spectators' respective team may be forced to forfeit the game.

6. Players are prohibited from wearing the following:

a. Pads of any type with the exception of shin, knee, or elbow and as required to cover a cast.


b. Hard materials (casts must be covered and padded)


c. Jewelry - Necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair bands and any other such jewelry or accessory as deemed dangerous to the wearing player or another player by the referee.

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