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Our travel teams are geared towards players who want to develop beyond the level typically available in a recreational program. Those who participate, do so with the understanding that they are making a team commitment and are expected to always strive to give their best on and off the field. Our travel teams are intended for players with more advanced skill sets with a focus put on development, sportsmanship, and teamwork.


The Club provides travel soccer opportunities for boys and girls starting at U8 through U15 and includes a fall and spring season. Fall soccer runs from September-November and spring soccer runs April-May. Many teams decide to play in an indoor league in the winter months and is at the discretion of the coach and players.

Players who are selected and decide to accept our invitation to participate on a BTSC team understand and agree to the following:


1. Practices: Regular attendance at practices is expected at this level of play. Practices are generally twice a week in the early evening. Fall practice will start in July, spring practice will start in March. Practices will run through the end of the season.


2. Games: Regular attendance at games is expected at this level of play. Games are played on the weekends and may be up to 2 hours away. Double headers and games on both weekend days are possible.


3. Playing time: Each coach will address game playing time differently based on their own personal coaching philosophy.  It is to be understood that players are not guaranteed equal playtime at this level - but all players should get some playtime provided they attend/participate regularly at practices. It is at the discretion of each team coach to decide how much playtime each player receives. Factors that often come into play are a player's individual abilities, attitude, attendance, and overall participation. Coaches also consider the level of competition of the opposing teams and factor the possible effect on the final outcome of the game.


4. Tournaments: Teams may entail additional time commitments and expenses for tournaments, indoor field rentals, etc. This varies by team. It is at the discretion of the coach to decide what/how many tournaments they will participate in. Most coaches will share this information with you at the beginning of the season and collect all fees to cover the costs. Tournaments range on average from $400-600 per tournament and are split evenly amongst the players participating. Most tournaments run two days (Sat/Sun) and some may require travel and/or lodging. It is understood that the BTSC registration fee you paid initially to participate on the travel team does not cover any tournament fees for the session. All tournament fees are extra.


5. Player Evaluations/Try-outs: Any player who would like to be considered for a BTSC team must attend Player Evaluations/Try-outs. Tryouts typically occur in April or May for the upcoming Fall and Spring seasons. The top players will be selected and invited to participate based on their evaluation results, former coach's recommendations, and roster space availability.


6. Uniforms: Uniforms are a separate fee. New players will need to purchase an entire uniform set from our supplier. Existing players have the option to purchase individual items as needed. Some teams choose to purchase special uniform tops for special occasions.

7. League Affiliation: Our club is a member of the Central Penn Youth Soccer League (CPYSL).


8. Birth year/age group: US Soccer Birth Year and Season Matrix

9. Fee Schedule:

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