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2023 Spring Registration

Getting started

  • **New Players***Before starting, ensure you have a player photo to upload, and electronic copy of the player's birth certificate, and payment information.

  • Uploading a birth certificate/photo is not required for players who were registered for fall 2021 season.

  • Login using your Got Soccer account (same account used to register for tryouts)

  • Select the player to register

Click here to register - yellow and blue

Upload player photo - **New players only**

  • Photos must be headshots only. 

  • Photo must not include other people

  • No sunglasses or hats

  • After selecting your photo, select save at the bottom of the form.

upload player photo.png

Complete the registration forms

  • Add any additional parents/guardians

  • Complete all emergency/medical information

  • Complete the Communicable Disease agreement by clicking "Start" on the right-hand side.

  • Complete the Eastern PA Youth Soccer Registration by clicking "Start" on the right-hand side.

  • When finished, select "continue", then "select".

Complete the registration forms.png

Checking out and uploading the birth certificate

  • Select "Checkout"

  • Enter payment information and agree to the payment terms.

  • Click "Continue to My Account"

  • **New Players Only**  Select "Family" on the left, then the player's name.

  • Select "Documents"

  • Select "+ New Document"

  • Select "Birth Certificate" from the Document Repository menu then select "Go".

  • Select the document label "Birth Certificate"

  • Upload the file, then "Save"

Got Soccer Birth Certificate upload.jpg
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