Volunteers Needed!

If interested, email barrenstravelsoccerclub@gmail.com


Prepare board meeting minutes,create flyers, schedule meetings.

Risk Management Coordinator

Ensure coaches and board memebers are compliant with state volunteer regulations.


Social Media Manager

Help keep the social media pageS active by posting photos, scores and appropriate material our followers would enjoy seeing and reading year round. Time commit is flexible but you will be asked to contribute at least a couple of times a week.

Fundraiser/Event Coordinator

Volunteers are needed to coordinate and run club fundraisers and events. Ideally one person would coordinate a small team of parents to promote and run a fundraiser/event. Fundraisers/events can be handled by one person but as with many activities, the more help one has, the easier the task is.


Equipment Coordinator

You would coordinate the field usage for the middle school and Plank Rd, maintain the goals at Plank are in good condition, coordinate lining the fields at Plank and the supplies. Also, coordinate the uniform/vendor selection as well as equipment for teams such as balls, pug goals,bench's, and tent


Training coordinator

You would manage player and team development. Establish and maintain a curriculum that is age appropriate for each team. Coordinate soccer camps and evaluate which ones the club should offer or participate in. Also, support coach training.

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