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Volunteers Needed!

If interested, email

Fundraiser/Event Coordinator

Volunteers are needed to coordinate and run club fundraisers and events. Ideally one person would coordinate a small team of parents to promote and run a fundraiser/event. Fundraisers/events can be handled by one person but as with many activities, the more help one has, the easier the task is.


Training coordinator

The training coordinator will manage player and team development. Establish and maintain a curriculum that is age appropriate for each team. Coordinate soccer camps and evaluate which ones the club should offer or participate in. Also, support coach training.

Risk Manager

The Risk Management Coordinator is responsible for communication to all individuals in the organization regarding clearance compliance. This person ensures all volunteers have current background checks and have completed mandatory training. 

Website Manager

The website manager is responsible for maintaining the website. This includes content or design updates, repair broken links, and fix bugs.

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